Isabel C. Garcia | Services
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Ancestral Lineage Healing (Individual & Group Sessions available)

ProvidesĀ healing from emotional, spiritual, physical and thought patterns that have been vibrating in your lineage for generations. The pain, trauma and cycles that come from our lineage include, but are not limited to, physical ailments (recurring diseases), depression, addiction, abuse, self-hate and more.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are centers of energy located in the individual’s aura field, and is a center of activity that expresses life force energy. An imbalance in one or more chakras will result in imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life. Chakra balancing sessions are interactive between myself, the client and the Spirit realm. Chakra balancing involves:

  • Evaluating the chakras by feeling the chakra’s energy
  • Placing stones on the body to bring energy to balance
  • Bringing Divine light and Divine spiritual rays into chakras
  • Communicating and channeling Divine guidance for client

Reiki (Attunements/Classes & Healing Sessions)

Reiki is a Japanese modality that promotes healing and well-being. The word is usually translated as “universal life energy.” Reiki is a tool for energy healing that heals simultaneously across spiritual, emotional and physical planes. Reiki services include:

  • Classes and attunements for Reiki Level I, II and III (Master Level)
  • Individual healing sessions: Giving Divine energy through hands-on healing

Akashic Records Readings

Akasha is a Sanskrit word for Ether, the fifth element where past, present and all future possibilities are recorded. Readings impart wisdom and guidance, which can be helpful before making a decision or while attempting to understand a situation, pattern or pain with clarity. Readings are interactive: clients will ask questions or present a situation for guidance, while I connect and channel the wisdom and guidance being communicated.

qode interactive strata
qode interactive strata

SpiritualĀ Guidance

When people have spiritual experiences, dilemmas and questions, my extensive years on a spiritual path, as a practitioner and as a channel for healing and guidance allows me to provide consultation. Consultations with me are one-on-one dialogues and will include Divine guidance and communication.

Spiritual Childbirth Support

Provide spiritual support during childbirth, either in person or from afar, through chanting & mantra, reiki, and Divine energetic transfer.


Baby Blessings

Baby blessings are individualized welcoming ceremonies of Baby into your family and community. Blessings invoke Divine Love and Light for Baby, a baptism of Love and warmth for their life.

Sacred Wedding Officiation

Provide officiation for weddings and sacred ceremonies to bless and unify couples.


Meditation & Chanting (Private & Group Classes)

Meditation is the practice of taking time to be quiet, still and present, from which one accesses deep wisdom and re-connects with the Self and the Divine. Chanting Sanskrit mantra is another tool I use in conjunction with meditation to access the Divine. Clients often see these practices as the foundation forĀ profound changes in their lives.

Space (Energy) Clearing

Energetic cleansing of physical spaces – – homes, businesses, and more – – is an important practice for bringing in well-being and energy that is beneficial to your life and intentions. Clearings focus on driving out negative and stagnant energy, entities and forces with Divine life force energy, and tools such as sage, copal and moxa, followed by bringing in positive energy through intention and Divine Light.